Dear Ivan,

For 2021, keep dancing.
Remember that every life has a rhythm,
Don’t dance to someone else’s drum,
If, they have a good tune, then learn,
Be humble, you are a student of life,

See fleeting, but invest in evergreen,
See chatter, but invest in quietude,
See frenzy, but invest in stillness,
See squads, but invest in a tribe,

Appreciate leisure, build in solitude,
Appreciate people, build relationships,
Appreciate nature, build eco-systems,
Appreciate life, build meaningfulness,

Less consuming, more creating,
Less conformity, more authenticity,
Less of a tourist, more of an explorer,
Live, build, write and dance in public,

Your theme is Mastery, put in the hours,
And this year will be better than the last,
And if it isn’t, you will be in a better place,
Play your rhythm and happy dancing!


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