Maybe passion and purpose are just exaggerated things that we will never grasp so why not seek mastery and autonomy more?

Here is my 3 Take Aways from So Good That They Can’t Ignore You by Carl Newport.

1. Forget passion.

Focus on becoming a craftsman who collects rare and valuable skills needed.
Three important components of intrinsic motivation are autonomy, competence and relatedness.

Eg: “If Steve Jobs followed his passion, he’d be teaching in a Zen monastery.”

2. Leverage skills to build a career.

After acquiring a set of skills, try to build a career around them. Deliberate practice is the way to develop the autonomy and competence you need to boost your intrinsic motivation levels.
Be aware of the state of flow that turns up with deliberate practice.

Learn a skill > Master a skill > Turn it into a job.

3. A change in mindset.

Focus on the quality of your work instead of spending lots of time trying to figure out your true calling.
Quality breeds success. What do we bring to the table?

We don’t need a flawless job to be happy at work; instead, we need to improve our approach to the job we already have.

Major 📝 : Finding the perfect job takes a back seat to do the right job.

📌 Here is a good summary of the book

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