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How is dry January, or we didn’t even bother? I hope you are safe and new friends; welcome to our community!

I am not talented, only passionately curious, famously stated Albert Einstein. However, he perhaps alluded to it to belittle his genius mind – the fact that he feels that curiosity might surpass skill is lovely.

Are we curious enough to seek and experience the abundance of life?

Curiosity is described as a solid want to know or understand something, and in this short essay, I want to focus on curiosity when it comes to our challenges. You may have heard of the fight-flight reaction associated with a perceived dangerous occurrence or danger to survival.

This applies considerably to our emotional and mental health; harmful events arrive as heartaches, loss and so forth, and our responses are not that different as we select for a “fight-flight” mode.

I am proposing to examine the fight mode via curiosity; next time any emotional and mental health difficulties affect us, how about we delve into learning instead of numbing?

Faced with challenges, we choose flight by plunging into booze, retreating more, becoming defensive, drugging ourselves more – it is indeed “flight” because we are flying away from the underlying source of our sorrow instead of addressing it!

How about we choose to fight? This will come confiding in a friend, reading books about the difficulties, taking a course and studying more about the cause, going to the hospital, and so many unique ways to learn more and be equipped to address the cause!

We may not be joyful all of the time, but are we interested in exploring our sorrows in life rather than numbing them?

So, my friend, what are you going to choose?

I created

Note: words

Tweet: it is okay

Reading: The meaning in the making by Sean Tucker; it is all about why we create. The book is approached from a philosophical point of view – beautiful!

Clubhouse talk: 2022: Forget goals and resolutions; go with a theme!

I learned

curated nuggets

  • Do not do more today than you can completely recover from today

  • Nothing is more effective at destroying beauty than a negative preconceived notion.

  • Changing your interpretation of your past is often just as good as changing your past. – @naval

  • It’s time to own your fears and release control. You don’t have to achieve perfection before letting the rest of us enjoy what you made.

weekly note

Cut toxicity from your life

Whether it is damaging people who push you down,

Or harmful content that’s slowing you down,

Ruthlessly cut off all sources of negativity.

Saying no to others

It’s 2022, so please prioritize your soul first.

Learn to say NO to others without feeling guilty about it.

Nobody is going to remember it anyway.

Watching list:



  • Decoupled: This 8-part series was purposefully awful and yet intriguing since it’s uncommon to see that viewpoint in Indian shows – I really appreciated the hilarity!

  • Monther/Android: It’s not worth viewing, but Netflix has a way of sticking stuff up on your screen – it’s not the worst, but it’s fairly meh!

The Weekly question

How do you define curiosity?

Until the next one,

stay safe and sound!

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