The concept that what matters most is not what you see but how it makes you feel has long been one of my favourites.

Your mind will wander and your heart will marvel at the incredible method that was used to make the art you are viewing when you look at particular works. These pieces will allow you to discover mastery and magnificence.

Gustav Klint once remarked that art is a line around our thoughts, which is such a lovely way to describe it. Some of us have lines around our thoughts, while others do not, which is why art is always subjective. Is it possible to make intellectual distinctions in order to have a deeper appreciation for art? If I had to bet, I’d say yes.

According to Paul Cezzane, an emotional foundation is necessary for a work of art to be considered art. Perhaps the emotional foundation of a work of art and its ultimate purpose is not all that dissimilar.

Photographs: Art in my home.

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