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Hey friends,

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the year 2022!

This is a message of appreciation!

It has been a joy to share my growth journey with you for the last year. I have had so many lovely words in the form of emails from you, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and let you know you have made someone very happy.

Thank you for inviting me into your home every week. I appreciate it.

It is with gratitude that I expressed my vulnerability and thank you for being there with me through the highs and lows, my mother’s cancer battle, a hot summer, the decoration of my flat, two doses of the vaccine and more – you have indeed been there with me through it all!

What can we expect this year?

I want to learn from you, but even so, I hope that you will introduce me to things that I haven’t paid attention to – such as new books, new articles, new quotes, and a variety of other nuggets of knowledge.

Please feel free to tag my Instagram, Twitter, and email to share anything unique that you have encountered. Then, I’ll send it along to the tribe to continue to learn together!

Please share your videos, articles, blog posts, poetry, etc. with me. I want to be there to support you as you progress – I want to be one of your cheerleaders!

A few changes? 

  • I will be posting many videos on YouTube this year – so please bear with me while I learn; you can subscribe here!

  • This week’s newsletter will return on Wednesday, and I can happily state that I sent it out every day of the week to see which day was most favourable, and Wednesday was the winner!

  • The format will be somewhat altered, but not much; there will be no substantial changes or weird stuff.

I am grateful for YOU!

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