This goes further than just being good, being for glory, not degradation. This is about positive, affirmative action. Look, if we don’t take some action, then this world, this fabulous planet of ours, is going to hell in a handcart.

Easter Island was settled by a Polynesian race around 500 years ago. They found an island heavy with wildlife and heavily wooded with trees. Within a few short years, they had eaten their way through the wildlife and chopped down all the trees. They also polluted the rivers and were on the verge f extinction. The only thing that has rescued them is tourism.

Planet Earth has no tourists. Nothing is going to rescue us so that they can take our photo. We all have to start being a part of the solution now and stop adding to the mayhem, the destruction, the problem. And we start to be part of the solution when we stand up and get counted. We stop the problem when we stop saying, “I was just doing my duty”, or “It was part of my job”.

The Rule is to start looking for ways we can personally contribute to the solution. We have to get involved, find solutions, take action, get off our backsides and contribute. If you want your life to feel right, to be good, to be successful and mean something, you have to put something back. You have to pay back your loan. You have to reinvest in life, and that means caring and wanting things to get better.

In March, I went vegan for one month, and the thought of being part of the solution is on my mind.

Notes from Rules of Life from Richard Templar.

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