“Find things beautiful as much as you can; most people find too little beautiful.” — Vincent van Gogh

“Find things beautiful as much as you can; most people find too little beautiful.” — Vincent van Gogh

Welcome to your daily quote. 

The quote for today is : 

“Find things beautiful as much as you can; most people find too little beautiful.” — Vincent van Gogh

Here are my 3 lessons from the quote: 

Lesson 1: Cultivate Appreciation

The quote from Vincent van Gogh reminds us that the ability to find beauty is a powerful gift, often underdeveloped. In a society emphasising productivity and success over appreciation, van Gogh's words encourage a shift in mindset.

The first lesson is to cultivate a mindset of appreciation. This means training ourselves to slow down, be present, and notice the beauty around us - in nature, art, relationships, and everyday moments.

Approaching the world with an open, receptive attitude unlocks a more profound sense of wonder and connection. Vibrant sunsets, intricate snowflakes, and soulful music nourish our spirits and remind us of the magic in existence.

By choosing to find beauty, we enrich our lives and cultivate a positive, appreciative perspective that can inspire others. This simple shift can transform our outlook and experience of the world.

Lesson 2: Expand Your Definition of Beauty

The second lesson is to expand our definition of beauty. It's easy to focus on traditional aesthetic beauty, but genuine appreciation involves finding the beauty in the unexpected, unconventional, and seemingly mundane.

Perhaps it's the patterns of peeling paint, the weathered face of an elderly person, or the raw energy of punk rock. Beauty manifests in diverse forms, and recognising this expands our capacity for awe and inspiration.

This expanded perspective enriches our lives and fosters empathy and understanding. When we find beauty in the unconventional or imperfect, we cultivate a more inclusive worldview that celebrates diversity.

Lesson 3: Share Your Appreciation

The final lesson is the importance of sharing our appreciation with others. Too often, we keep our beauty experiences to ourselves, missing the opportunity to spread joy and inspiration.

Whether pointing out a stunning sunset or expressing delight in daily wonders, sharing our appreciation can profoundly impact us. It can introduce others to new forms of beauty or remind them to slow down and be present.

Moreover, sharing our appreciation creates a positive feedback loop that amplifies the beauty in the world. Expressing awe and delight uplifts those around us and reinforces our commitment to finding beauty.

In the spirit of van Gogh's wisdom, let us resolve to find beauty, expand our definitions, and share our appreciation. Doing so enriches our lives and contributes to a more beautiful, mindful, and connected world.

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