Your little act of uncivil disobedience inspired me, John. I’m branching out. Spreading my wings.

Hey, community!

I hope it’s not too late to say “Happy Ramadan” to my Muslim readers. I was curious so I read about how creative people plan their day during Ramadan ( read it here. )

This week got off to a bad start because I got the flu, which I blame on the change in weather, but we’re always upbeat.

Last week, I gave the idea of “consequences” a lot of thought, probably because I heard the word “consequences” 10 times in the John Wick 4 movie.

Let’s look at this today!

A Reflection

The repercussions of our acts may spread further than we realize. The film “John Wick,” which centres on a former assassin drawn back into the violent profession by an unexpected turn of events, explores this idea.

The film’s major theme is the idea that violence breeds more violence. John Wick, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, has earned a reputation as the industry’s top hitman. After the death of his wife, however, he abandons the brutal world in favour of a peaceful retirement. Nevertheless, Wick wants vengeance after a gang breaks into his house, steals his car, and kills his dog. What unfolds next is a sequence of violent encounters that claim the lives of many.

More than just the people he kills, Wick’s loved ones suffer due to his brutality. He started a chain reaction of violence that killed many people. As an example, consider the scenario where Wick assaults a well-guarded club to reach the leader of the group responsible for killing his dog. As a result of his actions, many guards die, and it becomes clear that the club is a cover for a human trafficking organization. Many people die due to Wick’s actions, and the seedy underbelly of the criminal world, of which he was once a member, is revealed.

I want you to find your peace. But a good death only comes after a good life. – Shimazu

Revenge being a double-edged blade is another repercussion the film examines. Wick puts himself in danger by going after the individuals responsible for the death of his dog, but he also makes himself a target for the people he used to work for. As a result of his acts, he can no longer live quietly as a retired assassin. Not only that but because of his deeds, he is now a wanted man with a bounty on his head.

As “John Wick” shows, it’s not always easy to predict the outcomes of our actions. The cycle of violence, the exposure to the underground criminal world, and the paradox of retribution all show how our efforts have far-reaching effects. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the potential outcomes of our decisions and actions, even if they may not be as dire as depicted in the film.

2 Essays

We end up marrying our parents: In wondering how our romantic lives should ideally go, we should ask ourselves three questions:

1. What were the good sides of the parent of the gender we’re attracted to?

2. What were their flaws?

3. What would we need to do to overcome and heal these flaws if we were in a relationship with someone who had similar ones?

Frictionless Creativity: When it comes to the start, the goal is to get you going without overthinking things. Because the interesting thing about creativity is that once things are in motion, you can bring intention back into the picture to continue pushing that flow state forward.


  • “Those who cling to death live, Those who cling to life die” – John Wick

  • “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your actions.”
    – Dalai Lama

  • “Your most valuable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else.” – Brian Tracy.

If you were 25 years old, what would you do?

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