Habits offer us something to focus on and strive for, routines keep us on track and consistent, and rituals give our life meaning and…

Habits offer us something to focus on and strive for, routines keep us on track and consistent, and rituals give our life meaning and purpose.

Let me start with a story:

There was a young man named Ivan who wanted to improve his life, and so he set out to do just that. He intended to become more efficient in his work and life by establishing routines and good habits.

He was interested in trying the habit-forming techniques he had read about.

So, Ivan made a modest start. He made a list of the behaviours he wanted to cultivate and set his sights on achieving them one by one.

He began with the most vital practises and worked his way down the list. He was pleased with his development and thought he was making a positive impact.

But he soon realised that making habits wasn’t the whole story. He also had to set up routines to make sure he stuck to his habits and made sure he did them.

So, he started to make a plan in which he would do the same things every day at the same time. He made sure to schedule time for his habits so that he would be more likely to do them.

The next stage was to include rituals into his daily habits. Rituals are activities performed with intent and purpose. They can be performed independently or as part of a larger routine.

For instance, Ivan began to incorporate a few minutes of meditation into his morning practise. This ritual helped him concentrate and established a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Ivan rapidly learned that habits, routines, and rituals all contribute to our success. Habits offer us something to focus on and strive for, routines keep us on track and consistent, and rituals give our life meaning and purpose.

Ivan developed habitual patterns and a workable routine, and he even began including rituals that meant something to him. At this point, he was pleased with his development and looking forward to what was ahead.

Habits, Routines and Rituals are all terms we use to describe the things we do regularly throughout our lives. We may not even be conscious of many of these things, but they are the backbone of our daily lives. However, the terms Habits, Routines and Rituals do not mean the same thing and it is important to understand the differences between them.

What is the difference?

Habits : Habits are the most basic and least conscious of the three. Habits are simply actions that are done without much thought and become ingrained in our behavior over time. We do not generally think about our habits, instead they become so ingrained in our behavior that we tend to perform them without really thinking about them. Examples of habits include brushing your teeth, getting dressed in the morning, and checking your phone for notifications.

Routines : Habits that have been formed on purpose and are always carried out in the same manner are known as routines. When compared to habits, routines are typically performed in a manner that is both more organised and constant. The act of changing your bed, doing your laundry, and going grocery shopping are all instances of routines.

Rituals : Habits and routines that have been endowed with symbolic significance are known as rituals. When executed properly, rituals are acts of deference that typically have spiritual significance. Prayer, the lighting of candles to mark a particular event, and certain rites conducted at a wedding are all examples of rituals.

A few good quotes on habits, routines and habits.

Every Day Of Our Lives, We Are On The Verge Of Making Those Slight Changes That Would Make All The Difference — Mignon McLaughlin

We Are What We Repeatedly Do — Aristotle

If You Have Good Habits, Time Becomes Your Ally. All You Need Is Patience
– James Clear

Every Day Do Something That Will Inch You Closer To A Better Tomorrow
– Doug Firebaugh

My Daily Routine Is To Make Every Day The Best Day — David Wolfe

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