Being better is, at its heart, a pursuit of excellence and the realisation of one’s own potential for happiness and fulfilment.

For many people, “better” means “more successful,” whether it means accumulating more material goods, enjoying a higher standard of living, or finding more ways to express their individuality. But if you want to be better on the inside, you can’t just focus on how you look on the outside.

To be better is to be in better mental and physical health, to know and accept oneself more deeply, and to value one’s life and those in it more deeply. So being better is, at its heart, a pursuit of excellence and the realisation of one’s potential for happiness and fulfilment.

People often act better than they are for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are to get attention or admiration from others, and others are to hide feelings of not being good enough or insecurity. People sometimes act like they are better than they are so they can fit in or feel like they belong with a particular group. Some people might even pretend to be better to get more power or status.

Many different things can make someone want to look better than they are. For example, people may feel like they aren’t good enough or worthy of love and respect if they don’t have a lot of self-esteem or confidence. Trying to fit in with a particular group can also be a driving force, as people may feel pressured to meet specific standards to be accepted.

Pretending to be better than one is can lead to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. People may feel guilty or ashamed when they put on a false front and seem superior to who they are. Depression and anxiety are only two mental health problems that can develop when people refuse to accept themselves. It’s also more challenging to maintain relationships when you’re not being genuine, so pretending to be better might make you feel isolated and alone.

Focusing on improving yourself both inside and out is the key to getting better. This means making good habits, like working out regularly, eating well, getting enough sleep, and giving yourself time. It also means focusing on the good things and showing appreciation for the people and things around you. Lastly, it means being honest with yourself and being okay with your flaws. By doing this, you can get better without having to act like someone else.

In the end, being better doesn’t mean acting like someone you’re not. Instead, it means being happy with who you are and working hard to reach your full potential. It means better mental and physical health, a more vital self-awareness and self-acceptance, and a greater appreciation for life and the people around you. By working on these ways to improve yourself, you can get better without having to act.

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