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1. What I’ve been up to

Nothing much, my time went into building this newsletter, learned a lot from Janel and her course. I am working on a posting online schedule, crafting a podcast for ishuri.org and promised myself that this year, I would ship (produce) something new every month ( so in January – It’s a Newsletter! – 1/12).

2. What I wrote

  • A simple guide to happiness: This past week, I shared a list of 10 promises that I remind myself every year, simple but powerful.

  • Notes on solitude: The common cure for loneliness is more connections, yet exercising our solitude is another option. Time alone is inevitable – but can we thrive when it occurs?

3. What I read

  • No matter what role anger plays in your life—from occasional irritability to incarceration—the key to dealing with your anger more effectively is understanding how it works. Unfortunately, almost everybody misunderstands the basic mechanics of anger. Here is Dr Nick Wignall’s take on anger.

  • …Beds should be used for two things—sex and sleep—anything else, including trying and failing to sleep because of mind wandering, reinforces with your subconscious that lying in bed is a good time to think about everything you need to do tomorrow ” says Cody who share his night routine and a guide to reverse meditation. 

4. Wellness tools

  • DI.FM: Think of Spotify but for electronic music only. I am a light sleeper, so this has been my go-to place for sounds to ease me to sleep.

  • New Year Resolutions: You want to plan new year resolutions and don’t know where to start? Well, I was like that a while ago. Steve shared his template, and it ticks all the boxes.

5. What I am listenin/watchin

Music (Lot’s of dancing – I may TikTok soon 😁)

  • Bando by July 7

  • Damages by Tems

  • Proud Family by Ghetts

  • Flavour by Loski feat Stormzy

  • My Touch by Chop Daily ft Eugy

  • Activate by Stonebwoy ft Davido

  • Show Out by Kid Cudi ft Skepta & Pop Smoke (my push-ups anthem 🎶)


  • The Father: Anthony Hopkins puts in a stellar performance opposing Olia Colman in a father-daughter duel of minds, with the ageing Anthony refusing his daughter’s caring support – the two oscar-winning talents are amazing to watch, I reckon Hopkins might get another nomination to the Oscars due to this one.

  • Blueprint to the heart: I am old at heart to enjoy hallmark-est-romantic movies. In this one – the girl is a designer and the boy, a carpenter. We all know the big story, we don’t know the little details – I enjoy nick-picking them.

  • WandaVision: I know how I will spend my Friday evening – 15th January!

Wisdomous Tip!

The End.

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