No one can predict what the future will bring, and life is full of unknowns.

No one can predict what the future will bring, and life is full of unknowns.

I was reading an article by Ryan Holiday about the importance of taking action now rather than putting things off until tomorrow when the thought occurred to me that we rarely, if ever, actually have tomorrow, or at least, all we do is hope that there is a tomorrow.

This coincided with a goal of mine; I was hoping to build a career in writing but had been turning down (and being turned down on) a slew of promising job offers — including one particularly humorous rejection note — because I was overqualified for the position.

Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose
he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it.
But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life
that one exists for other people. — Albert Einstein

No one can predict what the future will bring, and life is full of unknowns. Because tomorrow may not come, it is crucial to make the most of today by doing the things we love. The regret we feel for the opportunities we let slip through our fingers is palpable and potent.

Therefore, while we still have the opportunity, we should try our hand at doing what we truly enjoy.

There’s no denying the fact that our time here on Earth is finite and that life itself is brief. Time is a precious commodity that can never be regained if it is spent doing something about which one has no enthusiasm or interest.

We should make the most of our time because it is our most precious commodity. The best way to make the most of our time and build a life we love is to do work we are passionate about.

Along the lines of Ryan Holiday, I am going to make it a point to check in with people on a more regular basis, including friends, family, and others, to find out how they are doing.

When we fully understand the brevity of life, its fleeting joys and unavoidable pains; when we accept the facts that all men and women are approaching an inevitable doom: the consciousness of it should make us more kindly and considerate of each other. This feeling should make men and women use their best efforts to help their fellow travelers on the road, to make the path brighter and easier as we journey on. It should bring a closer kinship, a better understanding, and a deeper sympathy for the wayfarers who must live a common life and die a common death. — Clarence Darrow

Aside from checking in with others, I want to keep doing the things that I enjoy on a daily basis.

Many people make the fatal error of believing they have an infinite amount of time to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. But time waits for no man, and the longer we procrastinate, the less chance we have of ever realizing our goals.

We must push through our doubts and fears to do the things we truly enjoy. Instead, we should have faith that things will turn out okay in the end and take a chance.

Happiness, fulfilment, and increased efficiency are common outcomes of doing work that brings us joy. We are less likely to give up when the going gets tough and more driven to work hard and succeed in our endeavours.

Since tomorrow is never guaranteed, today is the time to pursue our passions. Time is precious, and life is fleeting; we shouldn’t squander it on pursuits that won’t bring us joy or satisfaction.

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