Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, Man’s mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension.

When we take this self-discovery path seriously, we embrace new ideas which transform us into other beings. We are more self-aware, attentive to our environment, introspective and very analytical. We start analysing our tribes (family, friends, colleagues) and try to share what we learn with them, some came with us on the learning path and others shun us. In our minds, we aren’t preaching or trying to convert them but merely sharing the overwhelming fruits gathered on our journey.

Do you feel misunderstood, losing friends, not connecting with family? It is hard, but let’s have empathy and understanding. We are all works in progress and still flawed as the other guy. It’s a journey, not a marathon and there is no winner as we are all on different paths.

My friend, one thing that has helped me personally to face those challenges is adopting James Clear’s suggestions on building better habits written in his book “Atomic Habits”.James suggests these two things :

  1. Join a culture where your desired behaviour is the normal behaviour

  2. Find people you already have something in common.

In this life, we lose some and gain some. Losing people is part of this life’s design. Don’t beat yourself up for that instead, go find your tribe and walk the rest of the journey together.

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