I think about you every day
I plan out what to say

You have no idea; you have no clue
Just how much I think about you

These days, you are my first hello
And my last goodbye, I like that

In the morning, I find you amazing
In the evening, I want to leave you smiling
I am a bit nervous, jittery and can’t name this
I am slightly overwhelmed by all these feelings

But I don’t want to be cautious
So I will say how I feel, I like you
I may not have butterflies in my stomach
But I feel tremors in my feet and hands

You always have an understanding ear,
Your generous love helps me through my fear.
Your sweet and gentle nature I so admire,
Your kindness is so precious and rare.

Your heart is so kind; it’s all so clear.
It’s why I like you, and I am sure.

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