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The phrase “sucking all the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone” is from the movie “Dead Poets Society,” which was released in 1989.

In the movie, the character of John Keating, who Robin Williams plays, is a progressive English teacher who attempts to encourage his students to live without apologizing for anything they do, break free from the usual, and go against the status quo.

It relates the story of Keating, an English teacher who inspires his students through the teaching of poetry and takes place in 1959 at the fictional exclusive, conservative Vermont boarding school Welton Academy. 

Keating borrowed this quote from the American poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, and it reminds us to live life to its fullest and not to be afraid of taking risks. Instead, he encourages us to take advantage of life’s opportunities and make the most of them.

In the film, Keating tells his students to move through life, enjoying the good things life offers. He gently reminds them that smart people don’t act irresponsibly or go too far when making decisions in life, because those decisions have consequences.

We should be able to savour life’s experiences and make the most of them without allowing them to consume us. Instead, we should strive to find a balance between enjoying life and recognizing our limitations.

How ? I wrote an article about that.


You are not obligated to submit to the mental anguish caused by your thoughts of what could have been, what ought to have been, and what could have been. Put an immediate halt to each time a thought occurs to you that suggests you have made a poor decision or have expressed yourself inappropriately.

From this point on, you should not give any credence to those thoughts. Things are constantly blown out of proportion in your head, whether for the better or for, the worse. There is no way that you could ever know how the alternate course of events could have played out. At best, we can only speculate.

What I wrote

Wisdomous Nuggets

From my diary, here are a few noteworthy nuggets:

  • “If old memories still make you cry, write them down carefully and completely” – @jordanbpeterson

  • too many choices limit one’s freedom.

  • Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.



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