It’s so lovely to put away my bulky winter coat and boots and switch to a lighter wardrobe and brighter hues.

Welcome to Sunday Shares. A new weekly feature in which I’ll impart some of the insight I’ve gained throughout the past week. Every week, I’ll look back at the previous week and summarize what I learned or experienced in terms of takeaways you may use in your own life.

Whether it’s a new skill, a personal epiphany, or just a nugget of wisdom I’ve gleaned from my reading or conversations, I’ll be sharing it all with you in this weekly newsletter.

The weather change

I can’t help but be filled with joy and anticipation as winter winds down, and spring approaches. When the weather begins to warm up, and the light begins to shine a little stronger, it’s as if the world suddenly comes back to life. It’s so lovely to put away my bulky winter coat and boots and switch to a lighter wardrobe and brighter hues. It’s a time of rebirth and revitalization, and I eagerly anticipate the fresh starts that the coming of spring will bring.

Here is a short poem:

Sweet Spring:

The world awakens from its sleep,
As winter’s grip begins to weep,
The flowers bloom, the birds take flight,
And all around, there’s a new delight.

The air is fresh; the sun shines bright,
As days grow longer and hearts take flight,
The promise of new life abounds,
As nature’s symphony resounds.

Each leaf that sprouts, each bud that blooms,
It is a reminder of life’s endless rooms,
To grow and learn, to love and live,
And take what the world has to give.

So let us embrace this season of spring,
And all the joy that it can bring,
For as the world comes back to life,
We, too, can find new ways to thrive.

Write it out

One of the altruistic reasons I switched to Substack is that it encourages you, the reader, to start your newsletter. I’ve seen several of my friends do this, and if you haven’t created one yet, I encourage you to do so; I’ll be the first subscriber. In me, you will always have an audience.

A Melody in Words

Let me highlight a friend’s work. Lydie Uwantege just published her book, “A melody in words”, and here is my unfiltered review :

As a lover of poetry, I found “A Melody in Words” to be a treat. The author’s command of language is stunning, and each verse is like a miniature masterpiece with its inimitable cadence and tone. This book of rhymes (it’s beyond poems) covers a wide range of subjects, from love and sorrow to nature and spirituality, and every piece here is insightful and emotional. The author’s words captivated me, and the variety of emotions he explored in each piece deeply moved me.


I don’t have many close friends, but Sabrina is one of them. She is incredibly insightful, and I count myself lucky to call her a friend. We have weekly conversations to share insights and advice. For example, she mentioned the concept of “Binge-watching my thoughts instead of TV” during our discussion about mindfulness this week. To put it more simply, I want to get out of my mental rut by actively paying attention to and objectively examining my thoughts. The idea of working on a few things and letting go of the rest is vital!

Thank you for spending some of your Sunday with me!

See you next week!

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