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Are you still feeling festive?

The end of the year has traditionally been a time for sharing and family togetherness. Individuals tend to be more charitable and focused on friends and family.

Have you given presents yet? Lastly, did you offer yourself a gift? As much as it’s attractive to have something good for yourself, I propose investing in something that will maintain your long term progress.

Investing in yourself is a fantastic present since it pays the biggest dividends.

Take good care of yourself, but don’t forget to make an investment in yourself by learning a new skill, adopting a new behaviour, purchasing a subscription to learn a new hobby, reading a life-changing book, or engaging in any other useful endeavour.

Approach it with an 80/20 mentality – 80 percent education and 20 percent fun – and you’ll be good.

The gift is to make an investment in yourself for the long run.


  • Stop being perfect. Start being you.

  • Defend your partner in public, and correct them in private.

  • Take wandering outdoor walks

  • First you consciously create your habits, then your habits unconsciously create you.


The gifts that truly do keep on giving: 25 Fantastic Gifts For People Who Love Learning New Things


As you design your new objectives and goals, consider the following questions:

  • Where do I want to be in the next 1, 5, 10 years?

It’s hard to forecast, but it’s necessary to have a strategy. 

This question helps you to develop objectives for your life.

  • Will I get what I want if I go on as I am?

Remember that what you do now will affect your future.

This question helps you find time wasters in your life now.

  • What is my why?

Your chances of success are reduced if you don’t grasp the “why” behind your aims.

You will experience problems that make you want to give up.

It’s easy to give up when you don’t know why you’re doing it.

  • Why not?

Society has indoctrinated us to obey the rules.

This road typically leads to a mundane existence.

It’s not always necessary to follow the rules.

  • Am I living a wellness lifestyle?

To really appreciate life, you need lead a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle focuses on your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.




  • The Matrix – Resurrections: Expect a disappointing continuation, but a refreshing reboot. There’s a new morpheus, and the Analyst is introduced. The genesis narrative was more difficult than introducing Tom as a game builder who designed the matrix game! It’s not great, but it’s Keanu! 

  • The Kingsman: This is a nice prequel to the original film. It’s full of heartbreak, but also pleasure, fun, style, and Rasputin, what a delight!

  • Emily in Paris (season2): As well as building on Mindy’s storyline and showing how she meets her love interest, Sylvie’s life is examined in depth in the second season as well. Aside from his perfect wardrobe, Alfie’s nemesis-like approach to Emily’s Parisian obsession was refreshing. Thirdwheeling is a lot of fun too!

  • Don’t Look Up: Not everyone will get this. Simply put, it’s a satire on how leaders disregard the reality of climate change. If you don’t watch it for Leo, Meryl Streep is Jonah Hill’s mom 😂.

The weekly question

Did you gift yourself something yet?

Until the next one, stay safe and sound!

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