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Hey friends,

I have something to ask you. Can you please forward this edition to a friend?

You see, that was easy. It hasn’t always been like that for me, and I am still learning how to ask for help. This is a skill that I am learning now.

I have always struggled to ask for help. Here are a few reasons behind my inability to ask for aid :

  • I don’t want to burden someone else.

  • If I can do it by myself, why ask?

  • We all have our worries; I should add mine to theirs.

  • I am smart, and I can definitely find a way on my own.

  • Life is unfair; deal with it, Ivan.


In hindsight, most of those are rooted in my bloated ego, lack of social skills, and introverted nature.

As I am learning to be vulnerable, I have realised that I am not an island, and I have to let people in and ask for help when necessary. Asking for help is a skill that I can learn. Humans are prone to help when asked.

I have to learn it ask properly, drop my pride, be vulnerable, ignore those false beliefs, trust other people’s kindness and continue to be generous, too; after all, the hand that gives gets twice as much.


Your kind hearts mainly influenced this reflection as I was amazed by your spirit of giving after loads you bought me coffee. All I had to do was to be vulnerable enough to make the ask. Thank you.


  • As night turns to day, the light of positivity will ignite a fresh chance to make the world you live in a better place for one & all.

  • Your growth scares people who don’t want change.

  • You will not see the sky if you have covered the glass with blue paint.

  • You are not your wounds, You are not your scars.



  • Time isn’t money: Time is the only truly scarce resource we possess. We should spend it with a level of care befitting its nature. by Boz.

  • How to surf a “Do Nothing” Day: I recently talked with a friend who was going through a low period of feeling like doing nothing, and I remembered this article from No sidebar.

  • It’s your life. It’s your work. : A job is something you do for money. Your life’s work is done for a bigger purpose, to fulfil a calling or a dream. And when you manage to find that work—that’s when it starts feeling like play


I had to rewrite this section after a chat with a friend. If I were to share one important tip today, I’d urge you to start writing every day in public.

There are many benefits to it, but here is a list of a few.

Writing daily.

  • It helps in sharpening your skills as a writer.

  • It helps in expanding your mind.

  • It influences you to read and learn more.

  • It helps in articulating your thoughts, aka “Thinking on paper.”

  • It helps you in building a body of work for reference.

Writing in public.

  • It helps in exploring your vulnerable side.

  • It helps in fighting that “writer’s block”.

  • It introduces you to like-minded people.

  • It gets you out of your carapace and perfectionist nature.

  • It helps with accountability – The public has to be served.

PS: This doesn’t apply to writing only. I am slightly biased; writing is my medium. Whatever your art is, do it daily and be vulnerable to share with the public.

In retrospect, doing it led me to you. I am grateful.




  • The Mitchells vs the Machines(Netflix): I enjoyed this one. The visuals are amazing. We all know families like them.

  • Monster (Netflix): I shed tears watching this one. It’s raw and thoughtful.


  • Whilst J Cole is making headlines as he is in my home country, here is a video he recently released explaining how he got the “intervention” from friends and became serious about putting in the work.

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