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Hey Wisdomous friends,

This week, I spent a lot of time thinking about “Humility.”

The downside of personal development is that it can foster narcissism and pride, leading to an egocentric personality. It is critical to conduct a check-in and to remain humble.

I’m not a fan of many of the “affirmations” I read online. I see a lot of people who are just engulfed in pride and are very self-centred. So many times, I find myself in the midst of a swarm of those thoughts.

  • Humility recognises that we are not always correct and that we must be willing to apologise.

  • Giving back to the community, being helpful, and serving causes larger than ourselves are examples of humility.

  • Accepting our flaws rather than dwelling on them is what humility entails.

  • Humility encompasses asking for assistance and being grateful for it.

  • Being humble means being willing to learn.

I believe we all need to rethink how we approach things from time to time. We must be careful not to become “too wise in our own eyes.”

When was the last time you rethought your approach to things?


  • The amateur knows that becoming himself means being different from others. 

  • Now is fine.

  • Instead of searching for what you do not have, find what is it that you have never lost.

  • “You’re better off not giving the small things more time than they deserve.” – Marcus Aurelius


So Good that they can’t ignore you: If Steve Jobs followed his passion, he’d be teaching in a Zen monastery.


  • How to deal with intrusive thoughts: If you have ever suddenly remembered a meeting or appointment you’d forgotten about, you know that thoughts can come about without your conscious intention or control. These are intrusive thoughts – thoughts that happen without our consent or effort.

  • Are we addicted to feeling important? : When the good intention to help becomes a perpetual means to feel good about ourselves and gain a sense of superiority over others, we become codependent.


This week I have 2 tips for you.

1. Happiness.

A man asked the Buddha, “I want happiness.”

The Buddha said, “First remove ‘I’, that’s Ego,

then remove ‘want’, that’s Desire.

See now you are left with only ‘Happiness.’

2. Contentment.

Mental wealth test:

Sit in your own company and do nothing.

If you are content, you passed.



  • I love reading books by Blake Rules.

  • All My Life by M.I Abaga ft Oxlade.

  • Feels by WATTS ft Khalid.


  • Sweet Tooth: If you enjoy book adaptations and have childhood memories of Narnia, this is a must-see. The comparison with the covid-19 pandemic is intriguing.

  • Lupin: Season 2 is being released on the 11th, and that will be my weekend binge-watch.

  • Loki: Disney has found a way to keep my Wednesdays busy.

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