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Hello there, my friends. I hope everything is going well for you. Unfortunately, it’s the fall season, and the flu seems to be on a date with me more often than I’d like for her to be.

If you have been following this space for a while, you will have noticed that I have been experimenting with changing the days, structure, and different formats. It is likely to continue in the next two months, but more value will always be shared, as is the case with everything.

In my reflections this week, I was struck by the fact that many quotes are hyperboles.

You will see a lot of words and quotes on Instagram, and even here in the nuggets, but words are just that if they are not subjected to a better interpretation. On the surface, they can appear to be indications or not.

A hyperbole is a forceful figure of speech that can offer insightful and imaginative commentary when used appropriately.

Hyperboles come in many shapes and sizes; there are numerous examples in poetry, fairytales, songs, and other literary works – but, ultimately, everything is up to interpretation.

Keep an eye on what is shared; don’t take it at face value; rather, subject it to your filter – and create an interpretation that supports your growth; it has to be beneficial to you!

It is not an easy task. I wish you the best of luck on your journey!


  • Your love for simplicity is your love for clarity.

  • Awareness directs intention.

  • Everyone is a part of their own life and other people’s lives.

  • Before you fall in love, you must first learn to trust.


  • A Philosophy of living well: We don’t spend much time or put a lot of energy into imagining the details of how indeed worse it could be. This is why, I think, this technique isn’t seen as all that effective or valuable.


How to live

  1. Be independent.

  2. Commit.

  3. Fill your senses.

  4. Do nothing.

  5. Think super-long-term.

  6. Intertwine with the world.

  7. Make memories.

  8. Master something.

  9. Let randomness rule.

  10. Pursue pain.

  11. Do whatever you want now.

  12. Be a famous pioneer.

  13. Chase the future.

  14. Value only what has endured.

  15. Learn.

  16. Follow the great book.

  17. Laugh at life.

  18. Prepare for the worst.

  19. Live for others.

  20. Get rich.

  21. Reinvent yourself regularly.

  22. Love.

  23. Create.

  24. Don’t die.

  25. Make a million mistakes.

  26. Make change.

  27. Balance everything.




All new big studio movies are now at least two and a half hours long. Is this the new standard for film length? It was a pleasure to watch “The Eternals” and “The Harder They Fall“, but they were super long!

  • Dexter, New Blood: Psychopathic serial killer Dexter? Yes, but I’m even more intrigued now that the series has been revived.

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