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Hello there, tribe. It’s hard to believe that this is the 41st edition of this newsletter – time does fly, So how

How have things been going for you?

It occurred to me this week that I’ve had two alarm songs with the same title for ten years, the title being “Good Morning,” for seven of those years, it was Chamillionaire’s song, and now it is Kanye West’s.

We frequently undervalue the influence of the products we consume every morning. I’m a morning person who gets up at 5:30 a.m.; I’d love to say it’s because I read Robin Sharma’s 5 a.m. club, but that would be a lie; credit goes to the Rwandan education system, which required me to be in class at 7 a.m.

For many years, I woke up to Chamillionaire’s Good morning; here’s how it goes:

I want to show all of my haters love (hey!)

This song’s for you (this song’s for you)

If you had it like me and I was in your shoes

I’d probably hate on me too

See when you’re gettin’ big cash stacks, all the haters hate that

Cause they hate to see you be successful

I want to show all of my haters love

So I wave to you like “good morning.”

Haha, haha, haters, good morning.

What would a teenager like me know about dealing with haters, you might wonder. Even though I didn’t have any, the prospect of waving “good morning” to everyone was exhilarating. Afterwards, I could sing along with the first chorus’ opening lines, which are as follows:

Yeah, today going to be “A Good Day” I’m feelin’ like I’m Ice Cube

I’m wakin’ up like can’t nobody mess up my mood

Following the utterance of these words, I was gushing with ice in my veins and love in my heart, and I was pretty much what the Brits refer to as “a different gravy.” But, in case you’ve ever seen any of my morning’s Instagram nuggets, many of them appeared shortly after that.

Chamillionaire told MTV News that this song would be the last time that he would address the haters. “This is probably my last tribute to them,” he said. “For now on, man, I’m thinking positive and focus on my grind, and I’m not going to worry about all of you no more. The song, the feeling of it, makes you wanna get out of bed and go get some money.”

I don’t have any haters (or if there are any, Good Morning to them). But, friends, do yourself a favour – you don’t have to be hardcore and wake up to Les Brown, Jordan Peterson, or an audiobook if you can – that’s great for you. Instead, pay attention to what you eat and drink, mix it up for better mental conditioning, and ditch the annoying iPhone alarm tone in favour of a great song to wake up to; that’s when your cortisol and testosterone hormones are at their highest levels, and sprinkle them with the happy hormone aka “Dopamine” with an uplifting playlist.


And what about the haters? Oh well, here’s another line from Cham that’s been explicitly dedicated to them:

Hold up (hold up)

Success is a woman; I always had dreams of …

If wantin’ her is a crime, just take me in for possession

Even in a recession, I’m leavin’ a good impression

Reflection on the rims, so they can see their expressions

I’m a busy man; you need to schedule an appointment

Haters on their job and they act as they enjoy it

🎤 Drop!


  • At the end of each day, forgive yourself and recommit to your goals the next day in the morning.

  • Visualize yourself as the capable, sincere, and helpful person you aspire to be and imagine that every hour, the thought you hold transforms you into that person.

  • If you are struggling, you are alive.

  • Remember that this could be your last day.



Recently, I’ve been experimenting with switching specific vocabularies in my daily life. Words have power.

How about we learn to replace “Got” with “Get”.

I got to wake up = I get to wake up

I got to go to work = I get to go to work

I got to workout = I get to workout

As a result, we adopt a more grateful attitude, as we no longer regard the majority of the tasks as stressors but rather as opportunities.




  • Dune(2021): It’s nearly three hours long, but it gets better with each passing second and is engrossing. Following Paul Atreides’s adventure picked my curious mind, I went back to watch the original 1984 release.

  • Needle in a Time stack: In a world where time travel is possible, what would the dynamics of a relationship look like? What would happen to the timeline if one person wants to give up, but the other is determined to keep going? If time isn’t linear, would they be there forever? This one is a hardcore sci-fi film that may not be your cup of tea or have a high rating on IMDB, but I have a soft spot for time travel movies.

  • 8 RUE de L’HUMANITE: Finally, Netflix is bringing French comedies to the streaming service; this is a Dany Boon production with all the classics like Yvan Attal, Elie Semoun, Francois Damiens, and Laurence Arné, who returns three years after “La famille ch’tite” to play the lead’s wife. With more time on their hands during the pandemic, writers had more time to explore the stressors and comedic aspects.

Friday’s treat: The Blacklist so9 is – what is Red’s life like if it doesn’t revolve around protecting Keen?

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