Hey friends,

How have you been lately? Any good gems to share with me?

So, 3 days as a vegan. Nothing has changed, besides the fact that I just went through 5 avocados. Avocado is my favourite fruit. I enjoy its versatility. When I was a baby, avocados became my substitutes for breast milk. Whenever Mum added avocados to my food, I’d ignore breast milk. Eventually, that caught on, and breastfeeding stopped.

I just typed breasts 4 times in today’s intro (you are all over 18 years old, right? 😁😁); back to my vegan month, here are a few resources that I am using to learn more.

Importance of the plant-based diet :

  • What the health documentary on Netflix.

  • The Game Changers documentary on Netflix.

Cooking tips and meal prep ideas :

  • Pick up limes ( Her youtube is amazing)

  • Avant-garde vegan ( Learning so many meal preps)

  • Sabrina ( We all deserve a friend like her. She is suggesting recipes )

Influences :

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Kyrie Irving

These guys are the best in their fields. I am learning how they keep their energy levels high, acquire enough protein, and there is always one or two things to learn from their discipline.

In short: So far, so good.

A few learnt lessons

  • The pain of regret is so much worse than the pain of discipline.

  • I am not looking to escape my darkness; I’m learning to love myself in it.

  • Collide your idea with reality and learn.

  • The only person you’ll spend the rest of your life with is you. Make sure you’re in great company.

  • There’s a certain kind of person who doesn’t wait for greatness. They make it.

What I wrote

It is okay to feel emotions: We don’t have to be ashamed of our feelings. It is OK to cry. Sitting on our feelings isn’t a good idea. They just get squashed that way. Far better to let them out, deal with them and then get on with things.

What I read

The perfect avocado: Did I tell you that I enjoyed avocados a lot lately? My favourite writer, Seth Godin, compares our interaction times with avocados. A beautiful short note.

The Wheaton scale: When productivity gurus aren’t that much productive. Wheaton scales are important because they show us how the nature of a task transforms. They allow us to learn “in the right direction”, and at least understand why we struggle to understand others.

Wellness tool

In this week’s version of wellness, I want to share a thought that I have been pondering on for a while.

We can’t pour from an empty cup.

We can’t give what we don’t have. Giving doesn’t limit itself to material possessions. We give in various forms and share various things that are hard to quantify; we give our words in the form of promises, give our time and spend it with others and give our heart in the form of kindness to those who need it.

We give through various forms, but let’s make sure that we have. We can’t give what we don’t possess. Let’s create a life where we have abundantly what we want to share with others. Let’s fill our cup first before pouring for others.

For your eyes and ears.


  • Little Bit of Love by Tom Grennan

  • Let’s Go Home Together by Ella Henderson

  • Anyone by Justin Bieber

Movies :

  • The Mauritanian: Based on a true story. Salahi’s road to and from Guantanamo is inspiring, and the movie is so beautiful.

  • Coming 2 America: This is my Friday’s appointment.

That’s all from me,

See you next week!

Stay safe!

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