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I had an eventful week.

I shipped Read Rwanda, hosted a zoom pizza party for children in my community, caught up with the bros from work, had 6 other zoom meetings with friends and started a new project.

How about you, what is going on in your life?

A few learnt lessons

  • Proper knowledge only comes in doing the work.

  • Make it feel like play to you, even if it works like work for others.

  • Self-awareness is the core of self-improvement.

  • Focus on knowledge and leverage to create wealth.

  • Build a product which is an extension of who you are.

Naval’s discussion on clubhouse

What I wrote

How to be a good friend: Someone once said that a real friend is someone you can be having a conversation with as they get on a plane, you don’t see them for ten years and when they arrive back they carry on the conversation as they get off the plane like a moment hadn’t passed. 

Digital Minimalism: It’s easy to be seduced by the small amounts of profit offered by the latest app or service, but then forget its cost in terms of the most critical resource we possess: the minutes of our life.

What I read

Day 1: Keep inventing, and don’t despair when at first, the idea looks crazy. Remember to wander. Let curiosity be your compass. It remains on Day 1.

The Skeptic’s Guide to Self-Compassion: Self-compassion means that you treat yourself like you would treat a good friend when times are tough.

Wellness Tools

Deep breathing: In a world where stopping to take a breath feels like a luxury, it might seem more challenging than ever to find peace of mind. 

Lighting a candle: For centuries, candles have been used in sacred ceremonies to bring a peaceful ambience into space. 

For your eyes and ears.


  • Pas essentiale de Grand Corps Malade

  • Lightning by Mortimer

  • Switch it up by Protoje ft Koffee

  • Good over evil by Jaz Elise

  • Evidemment de Kendji Girac


The Equaliser (Serie): Q: Where do you go when you can’t go to the police for help? A: You go to Queen Latifah. I watched the first episode, and It has the clichE vigilante set up (The nerd guy in basement, police officer link-up,..), but it is interesting as the equaliser could be my mum.

The Best Of Me: Yeah watched it again. 5 times so far. Nicholas Sparks has good stories.

In other news, I shaved. I took a picture to see my likening with Boris Kodjoe but turned out; I look like Megamind.

See you next week,

Stay Safe!

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