Hey friends,

Welcome back to The Wisdomous – happy to have you, how is 2021 treating you so far?

1. What I’ve been up to

What a tiring week. Last week drained me mentally, so I did what a normal human being would do; Took a break off my daily job to only fill it with endless hours of side hustles – not a good idea.

In February, I am launching Read Rwanda and will likely upload my first youtube video (excited for this!)

A friend suggested me to switch-up and sent this newsletter in the evening. When would you like it evenings or mornings?

2. What I wrote

  • Keep Livin: Matthew shares a manual on “the art of livin” and a clear lens to recognise when no might actually mean yes. I loved collecting these notes – not a light read tho, it’s 1300 words.

3. What I read

How to be a genius: A genius is a person of extraordinary mental powers whose original works or insights change society in some significant way for good or ill across cultures and across time. Professor Craig White share a formula to be one in that article.

A lost paradise: There is a net profit in sacrificing pleasure for the sake of avoiding pain. I love Arthur Schopenhauer’s notes. I currently have this book on my shelf. Enjoy that beautiful read.

4. Wellness tools

The two common wellness tools are meditation and journaling when it comes to dealing with mental health.

  • Meditation: Meditation has shown to be very effective when dealing with mental health issues. It can change how your body deals with stress, therefore being an effective practice in the long run. Not only has meditation proven to be very helpful, but it’s free and can be carried out in the home.

  • Journaling: During a bad mental health period, it may feel lonely, and you may struggle to communicate with others. Keeping a journal and monitoring your feelings is an effective way to deal with things worrying you. Visualising problems can make them feel less daunting and help you find a resolution. Sharing your feelings is important, and understandably you may feel unable to talk to others, so using a journal is a positive way to combat this.

5. What I am listening/watching


  • I need you by Jon Baptiste*

  • Ntabwo Yantegereza by Ariel Wayz

  • In too deep by Jacob Collier ft Kiana Lede

  • The Best by Davido ft Mayorkun

  • Yaba Buluku by Dj Tarico ft Preck & Nelson Tivane

*Trivia: Jon made all the Jazz compositions and arrangements in Pixar’s SOUL ( IMHO, Disney’s best-animated movie in a while).


  • The White Tiger: This brought me flashbacks of Slumdog Millionaire. Balram doesn’t get to kiss a “Latika” and then dance Jai Ho, but he embodies “tomorrow” in Bangalore after a tormenting journey to get to the top filled with twists and dark humour. A must watch!

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