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Hey friends, I am one year old, so far, no changes to report.

Last week, I thought about the idea of building an ideal life after reading a post by The Minimalists.

One way to get there is by disregarding what isn’t useful. Maybe what we need is to chip away.

There is this anecdote by the great renaissance artist Michelangelo. He was asked about the difficulties that he must have encountered in sculpting his masterpiece David. But he replied with an unassuming and comical description of his creative process:

It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.

This read states: “It is the sculptor’s power, so often alluded to, of finding the perfect form and features of a goddess in the shapeless block of marble and his ability to chip off all extraneous matter and let the divine excellence stand forth for itself. Thus, in every business incident, in every accident of life, the poet sees something divine and carefully scales off all that encumbers that divinity and permits it to be revealed in all its transcendent loveliness.”

Maybe all we need to create the ideal life isn’t just chasing more but cutting down to what we have that doesn’t fit our ideal life.


  • Smart is the one who puts his beliefs in the back seat while trying to understand other people’s perspective.

  • “If you want to think about something, write it out” – Shane Parrish

  • Consistency makes epiphanies possible.

  • There is a world outside yourself. Don’t just seek inside.

  • Silent and unhappy is better than vocal and unhelpful.

  • Sometimes letting them go is also part of loving them.


I also had an amazing Twitter thread that you’d enjoy.

📌 Also, a highlight on Precious Kirezi, part of The Wisdomous tribe. She wrote this: The critic is in. Please have a read and share your thoughts with her. It is the first article on her blog.



This month, I started a new habit of meditating 10 minutes a day, first thing in the morning, as suggested in this tweet. Since I am new to this, I am using Calm, the app. Here is a Simple 4 Step Guide to starting a Mindfulness Meditation practice in 2021.

1.Start Small.

You don’t have to meditate for a long time for it to be effective. Start with 10 minutes.

2.Minimize Resistance

Find a time of day that you have minimal distractions and excuses. Commit yourself to meditate daily at that time.

3.Use a Meditation App

Start with a meditation app like Calm, Headspace, or Waking Up. They will help keep you on track and provide you with a “coach” to explain the practice and get you off to a good start.

4.Practice Any Time

The beauty of mindfulness is you can practice any time just by being aware and present. When you are waiting for something, instead of pulling out your phone, use it as an opportunity to be mindful.

Here is the 5th in this awesome thread.




  • The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: This show is amazing.

  • Shadow and Bone: Even better than its books.


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