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Welcome back to the wisdomous – happy to have you, after our launch – some 31 amazing souls signed up – thanks for coming on board. Here is the menu : 

1. What I’ve been up to

2021, seems to be just an extension of 2020, no major change. This week I bought my first book this year – it is Arvid Kahl’s Zero to Sold. I plan to release many projects and learn by doing, so this is a good guide if you have the same projects.

I am also learning about Mental Models, using resources like julian.com and Farnam street. The brightest minds use these models on the planet, Elon Musk uses First Principles, and Jeff Bezos used Regret Minimization when deciding to build amazon.

This week, I also jumped on many calls with many friends, a total of 13 unplanned calls. This year I intend to connect deeply with people – a few good ones, creating a bubble – the wisdomous tribe. Besides work – I had fun creating the gentlemanwalkin website on the weekend.

And you, what have you been up to?

2. What I wrote

  • Hang out with positive people: Took a few notes from Richard Templar and thought carefully if maybe this isn’t the time to clear some people clutter.

  • Less Ego: A poem about our ego sometimes forgets that no one is indispensable—a reminder to do our best.

3. What I read

How to channel Boredom: In the UK, there is a lockdown and in my home country, Rwanda there is also another lockdown with tight measures. I enjoyed exploring that article that teaches how to deal with boredom, offering insights into coping with what we shouldn’t be lingering much into.

What are modern friends? : This delightful article explores what friendship is and how to gather modern “virtual” friends. Dunbar also identified that a person’s social network appears to follow traditional scaling laws, with the number of people in each level usually increasing by a factor of three. A person might have 5 close friends, 15 in their extended or “super” family, 50 in their clan, and 150 in their tribe. Where those people come from? That’s up to you.

4. Wellness tools

  • Less Sugar: How can this be in the wellness toolkit? Why shouldn’t eating well be part of it? Yesterday, I drank 4 cups of tea in one afternoon, yup…it’s that cold. I am planning to explore alternatives such as Stevia and honey to sweeten up my drinks.

  • Time Block: Time blocking is the practice of planning out every moment of your day in advance and dedicating specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities. I have been using this technique to go through my days, its a time(and life) saver.

5. What I am listening/watching


  • Soulman by Ben L’Oncle Soul

  • New Shape by Young T ft Bugsey

  • Love goes by Sam Smith ft Labrinth

  • Gone by Alex Isley

  • Tightrope by Zayn


  • Dr Birds advice for sad poets: An emotional delight that explores mental health illnesses ( Anxiety and Depression) struggles in a fun way + a pigeon therapist (on Amazon Prime)

  • One night in Miami: We all wish we could be a fly on the wall listening to Ali, Malcolm, Sam and Tim discussing how their fame and position in society could be used to influence change for the black communities.

Wisdomous Tip!

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