Hey tribe – It was a pause, not the end.

Taking stock and looking at things from a new perspective is a necessary component of the journey. It’s been a long since I’ve said hello, but that’s not because I forgot; rather, it was on purpose.

The most recent issue was published on my birthday, May 1st, and it was the 60th overall. The following are the primary reasons why I made the decision to take a break::

  • I wanted to take stock and reconsider whether I was truly adding value to your life. According to several individuals who wrote to me, I believe I do, and I appreciate those who reached out to see if I was okay and where the newsletter was.

  • I was expecting a lot of changes in my life, to name a few: I have a new job, I’m moving to a new city, I’m leaving my community, I’ve decided to drop out of school, and as I write this issue, I’m stuck in an airport in Nairobi.

  • I wanted to follow up with the book, and while the book is finished, I have yet to create an ongoing mechanism for distributing wisdom nuggets. In the long run, I’m considering a system that would include a telegram/discord group for monthly brain-picking sessions – goal setting sessions – and a personal development-focused tribe. That one is still in the works as I work with a coach.

  • Yes, the weekly wisdomous will resume on Wednesday. While this will occur infrequently, I encourage you to check my Twitter and Instagram, where I curate my ideas whilst building in public.

  • In the month of August, not only will the wisdomous website be released, but there will also be additional surprises and presents that I have been working on in recent times.

Thank you for the love and support 🤍🖤

What is New?

Going ahead, we will make this easy to consume and read by dividing it into three portions.

Learning: This section will include a few items that I wrote or collected as part of my learning journey, and I hope you can relate to some of them.

Reflecting: This section will include a few good reads from the internet as well as a few quotes on which I am reflecting.

Enjoying: This will be a light area including travels, music, movies, and fascinating daily encounters.


The answer lies in having empathy.

to the tragic and unspoken conflicts of beings; to the pain and anguish of those we know; to holding space with a healing message; to assisting and joining others in recovering to encourage kindness and compassion; to having space with a healing message; to holding space with a healing message; to holding space with a healing message; to holding

It comes from a profound place within us to muster up the bravery to display it.


Nothing you do in this world is ever in vain. Everything is interconnected. Maybe what you’re working on will lead you to the next thing you want to pursue – isn’t that sufficient to keep going?

  • Every project is worth the journey if we let it be.

  • We tend to be kinder to people when we keep them only in our memory.

  • We are able to reestablish connections with things that are meaningful by severing ties with those that are meaningless.

  • Always look inwards…connect with yourself.

  • Focus on things that bring you peace or progress.


  • Watching Severance, a show that explores the dualities of memory and identity has been an enjoyable experience.

  • Bridges, the latest album from Column Scott, is playing on my commute. The songs “Heaven” and “Flaws” are phenomenally well-written.

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