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Hey wisdomous friends,

What do you do when you find yourself deep in your thoughts? It happens to me more than I’d dare to admit, and it was one of those times this past weekend.

My go-to technique is: If it troubles your mind, make your body pay.

Whenever deep thoughts cripple my brain, I tend to go for physical activities to combat that. When gyms were closed due to the pandemic, I was able to run 6 miles in an hour, which is almost 10 kilometres. On Saturday, I run 8 miles in an hour. I have attached many songs that I enjoyed on that run.

I am not the only one with technique. After a long day, we tend to grab a beer or chill in front of the TV. We all try to find coping mechanisms. Some are healthier than others.

Now my questions to you are:

  • How do you deal with intrusive thoughts?

  • Which coping mechanisms do you apply?


  • Whether it’s a good feeling or a warning sign feeling, listen to whatever your body is telling you.

  • This is your daily reminder to stop giving your precious energy to those who don’t reciprocate it.

  • There really is a greater Universal force at play. Allow yourself to be at peace and surrender to the path that is so much bigger than you.

  • Your eyes will open when you’re ready to see it.


Remember why you started.



Sorry to break it to you; the cure to most mental health issues isn’t talking.

You possibly have encountered well-meaning friends suggesting that they are there if you want to talk to them, but that isn’t always the best way to proceed. Your friends are not your therapist.

  • Your friends love you – thus are biased due to the personal connection. They will tell you good things to soothe your spirit. They will focus on what makes you feel good, not what you need to process what you are going through.

  • Your friends aren’t qualified. Just because they posted on Twitter that they are ready to hear your story shouldn’t mean that they are well-positioned to do so. What is going on in their life? Do they have that intelligence and emotional awareness to offer help?

There are many reasons other reasons – here is a good read about it.

Can we confide in our friends? Ofcourse. Let’s be smarter about that and recognize who can actually help and handle what we put on them. Seek adequate help from a professional or other helpful techniques to help you cope with what is going on.



📌 Bonus: Coffee by Ai Bendr ☕️ ❤️ 🍫


  • Pink Opaque : A small indie of a struggling film student, Travis who meets reconnects with his uncle and discovers that everyone has their own story.

  • Who Killed Sarah ? : I binge-watched the second season, This is so good – and Netflix’s Spanish series are just amazing


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