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Hey friends,

I hope everything is going well for you and getting ready for the holiday season. I call it the holiday/festive season since I don’t celebrate Christmas, but it’s lovely to see all the colours and happy people – have you begun conducting end-of-year recaps yet? or new year’s resolutions? Nope, it is too early for that for me too!

It is increasingly common to read on Instagram and even with people you interact with that they are healing from previous adversity, but they have no response when you ask them what they are looking forward to.

Yes, healing is not linear, but it is also more challenging when you don’t see the future.

Healing the wounds of your past may help you move on to a brighter future, but you also need a vision of a better future to ease you into it.

This is where personal growth, or more specifically, what I give online under the label “better perspectives,” comes into play.

Personal growth, when adequately studied, does not invalidate your experience or pressure you to toughen up; instead, it opens your eyes to a better future, one that, if strived for, maybe yours after your healing period.

When you’re in a bad mood, one thing that might help you recover is to imagine a brighter future beyond the suffering. This is the secret that resides in religious people.

And…., listen carefully to Imagine Dragons’ Believe.

I was broken from a young age

Taking my sulking to the masses

Writing my poems for the few

That look at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me

Singing from heartache from the pain

Taking my message from the veins

Speaking my lesson from the brain

Seeing the beauty through the...Pain!

Keep seeing the beauty through the pain friends!


  • Don’t share your precious time with toxic people. Instead, surround yourself with people that lift you, and you’ll soar higher.

  • Good people respect boundaries, good friends respect boundaries, if the people around you do not appreciate these things, find new people.

  • Who you choose to associate with can determine a lot about your future. If you surround yourself with people who have goals and dreams, then those ambitions will often rub off on you and help you go forward. But, unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

  • Being labelled as a freak is the price for greatness.


How I prioritize my time: The more I’ve thought about the question of how to prioritize my time, the more I’ve reflected on the choices I’ve made and why I’ve made them. And the question can’t be answered precisely without first answering: What does it mean to live a life well-lived? To live The Good Life?


For those days when you don’t feel like doing anything in the morning.

  1. Take a 15-minute stroll around the neighbourhood. It is likely that you have achieved something and that you have begun your day by the time you return.

  2. Making your bed is also a great start.




  • Great Escapes: Morgan Freeman narrates a new series on jailbreaks and their methods. It’s pretty intriguing!

  • Pourris gâtés: This is a lovely film that provided me with a few chuckles as well as some valuable life lessons.

The weekly question

Is there anything you haven't worked on yet with less than three weeks till the end of the year?

Until the next one, stay safe and sound!

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