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Hey Wisdomous friend,

What have you been up to this week? There have been many ups and downs, as well as several adjustments, on my end. Confrontations sprang to mind as a result of this.

I’ve never been an argumentative person or someone who knows how to handle those situations. But, on the other hand, I’m not too fond of losing control, so I take a walk or retire into silence to let my emotions simmer.

What is your technique of dealing with it?

Confrontation is defined as a hostile or argumentative situation. Now imagine coupled with anger. I don’t think anything good is to come out of it.

Tensions are unavoidable on their own; of course, there are things about others that we dislike or events that force them onto us.

In a conversation with a friend, she expressed similar sentiments to mine, saying that it’s not about the confrontation but about where we’re coming from and what we expect to happen.

Tensions can be helpful if the goal is to progress; but, if the goal is to feed the ego, tensions can be destructive.

Takeaways: Internal narratives tend to raise tensions, culminating in self-destructive behaviours, such as focusing on criticising others rather than fixing an internal problem. The enemy is on the inside, not on the outside in this case.


  • It’s not about brilliance when it comes to the invention; it’s about logic and perseverance.

  • Art is the elimination of the unnecessary

  • Broken people save broken people.

  • When your mind tinkers with a feeling, it transforms into an emotion.

  • Accept everything life throws at you and make the best of it.



Appropriate risk

We talk about risk like it’s a bad thing.

But all forward motion involves risk. You can’t find a risk-free way to accomplish much of anything.

Appropriate risk has two elements:

  1. First, the odds of it working out are commensurate with the benefits.

  2. Second, the consequences of being wrong don’t eliminate your chance to try a different path next time.

We don’t try something simply because there’s no downside. Instead, we intelligently choose projects where the downside is understood, and the work is worth doing.




  • Best Sellers: Michael Caine stars as a writer who assists a young woman who has just acquired a publishing firm in this funny drama.

  • The Guilty: Any film starring Jake Gyllenhaal is a must-see. You will be engulfed in the horrors of it all in this thriller.

  • Bicentennial man: This Robin Williams classic contains both tears and laughs.

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