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Today is the last day of February, and starting tomorrow will be the third time I take a digital detox – 30 days where I declutter most of the things in my life and re-arrange my digital space and life. 

I believe that we are ultimately what we consume every day. It is critical to be aware of what we are consuming but also creating. 

I write every day on my social media platforms. I share morning thoughts, ideas and quotes. I call those little notes; nuggets. They are just things to chew on as you go on with your day. Everything done regularly can be tiring.

Sometimes, it can feel like a task, a job, and draining, which goes against that endeavour’s purpose. What do you do then? You learn to take a break and have time off. 

There are many reasons to take time off.

To recharge, to think, to dally.

To get inspired, to enjoy life, and to rest.

To heal from the hurt and ease our heart.

To build, to deconstruct and to move on.

To grow, to reflect, and to adjust our plans.

Know when to take time off.

In March, I will take a break and return on the 2nd of April. 

That is isn’t all – I am going vegan too!

I am joining my friend, Sabrina, on a 30 days trial of the vegan diet. I usually have a lot of chicken and steak, but I can definitely do without them, well, at least I hope.

Since I am a meal prep type of person, here is what I am going to eat for the next 4 days. 

On the menu

  • Cassava Leaves (Isombe).

  • Sweet potatoes.

  • Marinated Tofu.

  • Black beans jalapeños soup.

  • Brown vegetable rice.

  • 6 Avocadoes

March is going to be super interesting isn’t it?

What I wrote

  • Worry less: The future is uncertain, scary, hidden. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t worry about things at times. We worry about our health, our parents/kids/friends, our relationships, our work and our spending. We worry that we are getting older, fatter, poorer, more tired, less attractive, less fit, less mentally alert, less everything really. We worry about things that matter and things that don’t. Sometimes we worry about not worrying.

  • Taking Time off : Solitude: Solitude requires you to move past, reacting to information created by other people and focus instead on your thoughts and experiences – wherever you happen to be.

What I read

  • The Relationship Between Creativity and Mental Illness: Our ability to use our brains to get “outside” our relatively limited personal perspectives and circumstances, and to see something other than the “objective” world, is a powerful gift. Many people fail to realize that they even have this gift and most who do rarely use it.

  • Grievance and possibility: Grievance isn’t about grieving. In fact, it’s the opposite. Grievance is the narrative of getting even. Possibility doesn’t itemize everything possible. Instead, it focuses on the side effects that come from acting as though things are possible.

Wellness tool

Screen Time: Sometimes we all need tools to help us. I believe we should all reduce the time we spend on our screens. Here is a list of 11 apps that will help with that

For your eyes and ears



  • Tom and Jerry: I grew up watching them. The new one is so well made. Love it!

  • The obituary of Tunde Johnson: Reliving the same day isn’t that fun anymore. An interesting thriller.

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