Contemplative reading, when practised regularly, can lead to a meditative state while simultaneously enhancing one’s understanding of and appreciation for the material being read.

Once upon a time, a young man desired to learn how to meditate. He’d heard about the numerous benefits of meditation but wasn’t sure where to begin. He opted to begin by reading meditation and mindfulness books.

He struggled at first to concentrate and focus on the words he was reading. He would frequently find himself drifting off and thinking about something completely different. He was determined to learn how to meditate, so he tried a new way. He started doing the meditative reading.

Meditative reading is a sort of focused reading in which the reader interacts more deeply with the material. The reader is urged to take their time with the material rather than rushing through it, to focus on the sensations and emotions evoked by it, and to pay attention to the ideas that come to mind.

The young man quickly learned that reading books in a contemplative manner was the key to focusing his mind and entering a meditative state. He discovered that if he read slowly and carefully, he could better understand what he was reading and appreciate the beauty of the words.

Thanks to this experience, he could finally zero in on the text and grasp its hidden meanings.

If you want to try meditative reading for yourself, here are some tips:

  1. Take your time. Don’t be in a hurry when you’re reading. Give yourself permission to savour each little word and phrase.

  2. Take conscious note of your thoughts. While reading, be aware of any feelings or thoughts that arise and allow them to pass.

  3. Focus on the here and now. Put all your attention on the here and now, and try not to let thoughts of the past or the future distract you.

  4. Establish a connection with the content. Make an effort to form a profound connection with the words on the page and comprehend the meanings beneath them.

  5. Be inquisitive. Investigate the material while you probe your own thoughts with questions and analyse them at the end.

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    Through regular practice, contemplative reading can help you enter a meditative state while also increasing your comprehension and enjoyment of the book. That guy that it helped is me!

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