Early today, I asked a few of my Twitter heroes to share a few life lessons with 25 years old.

Here is a few of them :

Hi, Ivan.

Start a daily meditation practice.

Take more risks than you think you should.

Read fewer books, and read them more than once.

The best way to build relationships is to build something together.

Prosperity is found in seeking the asymmetries in a world that is forever being painted with artificial symmetry.

Don’t try to impress others; seek to impress yourself. But when you do, don’t stay impressed with yourself for too long.

Learn from mistakes, yours and others.

Listen to your heart, your gut feeling AND your mind. There are lots of battles inside of you – harness them.

People you meet matter more than you comprehend at the time you meet them – keep the connection.

I would say the most selfish act one can ever do is give. The peace, happiness and fulfilment it gives compared to no other. Give with 0 expectations.

Believe 100% in yourself but remember not to take yourself too seriously for too long(especially on social media).

Self-discovery is vital. Remember to live. Do not live like you have years to catch up.

Do the opposite of what you are extremely passionate about for a period and turn things you fear, resent, avoid or don’t understand into pathways for exponential growth. I found that if you link your lower values with your highest values, you can alchemise anything.

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