Hey tribe- I hope you are well; I have something for you!


Saying less is both a blessing and a curse, but the focus should be on yes at certain stages of life.

Yes, to the things that scare us—the trivia and everything beautiful. 

I learned this from award-winning TV producer Shonda Rhimes, who spent a year saying yes and credits it as one of her life’s best decisions. 

“Anything that made me nervous took me out of my comfort zone, and I forced myself to say yes.” And a crazy thing happened: the very act of doing something that scared me undid the fear, made it not scary. My fear of public speaking, and my social anxiety, are gone. It’s amazing, the power of one word. ” -Shonda Rhimes said as she described her year of saying yes. 

Saying less leads to a lot happening-this has been my year of saying less, and I have had chances to do amazing things, meet new people, and build cool projects.

Say “YES” to adventure, challenge, and experience.

Say “YES” to scary or unclear things.
Say YES to breaking your repetitive rituals, habits, and routines.

Yes, to things that teach you about yourself, others, and life.

Say yes to connecting with strangers.

Say YES to challenging, yet exhilarating, change.

Say YES to unexpected invites that get you out of your comfort zone.


From my diary, a few noteworthy nuggets:

  • The point is not to have perfection in my house; it’s to learn to love perfectly.

  • You have to be good without expecting others to be good back to you.

  • You are walking this life; make sure you leave beautiful steps behind.

  • When you belong to yourself, your heart, and your life, you start to have compassion for others.


  • The Korean drama Crash Landing on You, which I’ve been watching on Netflix, is fascinating.

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